ABA services can be provided in the comfort of your home, as well as in various community locations.

Focused's in-home model is implemented to provide children the highest quality research- based ABA program in their natural setting. We consult with our families to determine which models are best for each child and we work with third party payors to ensure we provide the authorized therapy model.

Early Intervention Clinic

Focused offers early intervention ABA for ages 1-8. 


At our early intervention clinic we work toward playing together, communicating better, and independent living skills such as feeding, potty training, and dressing. We also work at pre-academic skills such as attending, following directions and participating in groups.

We foster independence, choice-making, grace and courtesy, safety, and a personal sense of well-being. We have mixed age groups to promote inclusion as well as integrated studies and independent exploration all while adhering to the science of behavior and individualized treatment plans. 


ABA services can also be approved to be provided in daycare and school settings. Please see our FAQS to learn more about services in schools.