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FBS offers clinic, in-home, and telehealth-based ABA services throughout Nebraska State.


Focused offers Part-Time and full-time ABA Programs for ages 1-16 in Gering, and Lincoln, NE.

Our clinic programs promotes:

-the skills needed to be successful in the school environment by providing an individualized treatment plan that focuses on building foundational skills, classroom routines (including regulations and rules that children will see in a traditional school), group learning, and of course play, social, and Independent Living skills.

All children have a 1:1 therapist who focuses on your child's individualized plan, and yes, we have a Special Education teacher on staff, along with BCBA's, RBT's, and a consulting SLP and LIMHP.


ABA services can be provided in the comfort of your home, as well as in various community locations.

Focused's in-home model is implemented to provide children the highest quality research- based ABA program in their natural setting. We consult with our families to determine which models are best for each child and we work with third party payors to ensure we provide the authorized therapy model.


Our passion to reach rural communities can be reached by offering telehealth ABA BCBA support 

paired with our in-house training program for staff to gain RBT certification. This allows individuals in rural areas to receive face-to-face direct therapy with a BCBA connecting via a HIPAA-compliant platform that allows real-time feedback, communication, and support. Because we have a HIPPA compliant data system, our telehealth services are capable of the same in-time treatment planning support, modifications, and training, as well as modeling that face-to-face offers.

Telehealth is a different way to do ABA, but research has shown that it is just as effective using a telehealth BCBA to supervise ABA programs as face-to-face interactions (Pollard, Karimi, Ficcaglia, 2017). FBS does deem Telehealth to meet clinically appropriate needs and is suitable for the family. 

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