Leah, BCBA

NE Panhandle Regional Director and SafetyCare Trainer

Leah resides in Alliance, NE and supervises all clients in the Nebraska Panhandle

Mackenzie, RBT

Brent currently lives in Lincoln.

Sarah Dunham, LIMHP

Sarah resides in Lincoln, NE, but works with us in all our locations throughout Nebraska.

Calvin, RBT

Calvin resides in Scottbluff, NE

Mitchi Soto, BCBA

Mitchi resides and supervises all clients in Lincoln, Nebraska

Holly LaBrake, Admin Manager

Does just about everything to keep everything in our Nebraska locations running smoothly.

Janessa, RBT
Janessa resides in Lincoln, NE
Andrea B, RBT
Resides in Gering, NE
Athena, RBT
Athena resides in Scottsbluff, NE
Mackenzie, RBT
Resides in Lincoln, NE

Tyler, BT

Tyler works in the Panhandle, NE

Kat, RBT

Resides in Lincoln, NE

Rachel, BCBA


Rachel was born and raised in Gering, NE. She currently resides in Idaho and owns an ABA Clinic in Washington State. Nebraska gives her a good excuse to visit family often :-) 

Sara, Program Manager

Sara resides in Gering, NE, and helps with assessments under the direction of BCBA's and staff trainings.

Kathy, RBT

Resides in Gering, NE

Andrea W, RBT

Resides in Lincoln, NE

Misty, BT
Misty resides and works in Sidney, NE
Jackie, RBT
Jackie works in Lincoln, NE.

Tel: 800-781-5536

FAX: 208-620-3985



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