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We are enrolling for clinic and/or in-home ABA services in the Panhandle, and Lincoln, Nebraska. We also offer remote services throughout the state of Nebraska where we hire, and fully train a local direct therapist/RBT and provide ongoing training and facilitate telehealth-based supervision/case management. Please call 800-781-5536.

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Applied Behavior Analysis

Autism and Developmental Delay Intervention Provider

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Supporting individuals achieve their full potential.

Serving Nebraska State, our team of talented clinicians provides individualized, evidence-based interventions based on the principals of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) in client’s home, community and/or school, as well as in clinic (Gering). We services clients with Autism and Developmental Delays ages 1-13.

We service clients/families in Nebraska including:








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Our Vision

Focused puts client dignity at the forefront. We do not intend to take away the Autism or individual characteristics, but to merely help individuals be the best they can be while retaining the essence of who they are.

The Research

Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) has been empirically demonstrated to remediate the core symptoms of autism to a greater extent than any other treatment program and is recommended by the Assocation for Science in Autism and the Surgeon General. It has also been demonstrated to bridge the gap in individuals with developmental delay.

The Application

ABA uses multiple tools to help children learn. This includes discrete trial training, natural environment teaching, and functional communication training. Performance is measured by an assessment, direct observation, and data collection.

We prefer to use natural environment teaching- meaning we want to involve the natural environment in our teaching methods, involve the child (child-led), and play!

What is the Process?

When starting ABA therapy we first conduct a Functional Behavior Assessment, Standardized Assessments, and a Developmental Skills Assessment. This allows us to tailor our programs to remediate the core deficits of ASD. The program includes the following:

• adaptive and self-care skills

• attending and social referencing

• cognitive functioning

• community participation

• coping and tolerance skills

• emotional development

• family relationships

• language and communication

• play and leisure skills

• pre-academic skills

• reduction of interfering or inappropriate behaviors

• safety skills

• self-advocacy and independence

• self-management

• social relationships

• vocational skills